hey guys, i’ll get to answering your questions soon. it’s late and i’m sleepy and i promise i’ll get to them when i’m awake and such! love you all <3

Hey there, do you think BS/ACV wash is too harsh for kids dreads ? I've stopped brushing the kids hair and its starting towards a natural dread already (3days in lol) and I was wondering if I should wash theirs the same as I do my dreads ? Thankyou xx

Oh no, not at all. It’s actually recommended, at least for the first week to a month. they’re still babies, gotta be gentle!

And yes you could, just be wary that one dread will take longer to mature than the ones you created - and remember to separate hairs when they start to grow together :p

Hi :) is apple cider vinegar a good conditioner for dreads? Just something I've heard and wanted to make sure is before I use it

Yes absolutely! Followed by water, preferably cold. This helps smooth & seal your hair’s cuticle. This acts sort of like a conditioner for your hair, without any detangling effects! This is totally optional, however.

Hello! I just dreaded my hair yesterday and I'm not sure if they are tight enough. I'm worried they aren't going to stay. They are all fluffy and stuff is that normal? I was told my a friend too use baking soda on my hair when I shower as well... Is that okay? Or find something else to wash them with? And how long should I wait til I wash them seeing as they're new... :/

VERY normal! In fact, it’s inevitable. Dreadlocks aren’t instantaneous, it takes time, which is why it’s called a journey.


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