You're fucking awesome!

Thanks dude! Love your url haha

Thank you for all your awesome help! Are you a hairdresser or something irl? Your knowledge of dreadlocks is amazing.

Thank you! I’m happy to help :)

And no actually, I’m a tattoo artist haha. I’ve just had my dreads for a while, and have made possibly every mistake you could ever make and learnt the hard way. I dont want anyone else making the same mistakes I’ve made. And I also just love love love love everything about dreadlocks…mine have definitely had nothing but a fantastic impact on every aspect of my life.

Here’s something everyone needs to know about freeform dreadlocks and how they are “dirty”.

A common misconception to why dreadlocks are perceived as “dirty”. I cannot tell you how many times I get asked “So like…does this mean you never wash your hair????”

THESE RIGHT HERE, are dirty freeform dreadlocks. On a homeless man, who obviously, does not wash his hair.


(image taken off google)

NOTICE HOW his roots are LOOSE. And that is because when there’s grease and dirt and all sorts of other crap in your hair, it won’t knot up because the hairs are too slippery around the root where the oil is produced.

Now look at these. THESE RIGHT HERE are a true set of beautiful clean, 100% natural freeform dreadlocks. (10 years old…wow. See what I mean when I say as time goes on, dreads continue to look better? :P)


(image also taken off google)

(Her name is Krystaal Rain, she’s a beauty guru on Youtube. And yes, those are freeform dreads, she says so in her video here)

She washes her hair. Therefore, her roots are clean and can lock up nicely. (PLEASE NOTE, she mentions that she adds conditioner in her hair. DO NOT do this while your dreadlocks are still maturing!) 

So yes, I hope people understand why dreadlocks are actually not dirty at all. Dreadlocks are technically just extremely organized, well kept, tangled hair. You still wash them like you would hair. There’s just no moisture involved.

Am I able too send you pictures of my dreads? I want too know your opinion of them. Too see if they are going well for being a couple days old?

Of course! Send me photos anytime if you wanna share your progress, and if you state that you don’t want me to post it, it’ll just be between us.

Do you think that you need a certain style to pull off dreads??

a “Fuck what anyone thinks I love myself” attitude is all you need.

So, I've had my dreads for about 2 years now and they are extremely dry , and I'm losing "fluff" at my roots . I'm wondering the best moisturizer to use for matured locks. I need something GOOD! Haha

Personally, I like using conditioning sprays better, and only a little spritz of it. When you use a cream-based product, you risk clogging up your dreads with goopy shit :s

Anyone else have any ideas?

haiiiie omg i love you and your blaaag. I've yet to see another asian (besides you) with dreadlocks and I think yours look gorgeous on you C: I was thinking of getting them but I have super fine and thin hair (and not a lot of it) :c would it be possible to make it work?

Aw thank you :)

And yes, it would definitely still work, it just means that thick dreadlocks wouldn’t be a good choice. I’ve always loved a head of thin dreads too, though! (Well, I love all types of dreadlocks really)

A while back I got an angry anon hate telling me that 'dreadlocks' was a racist term and I shouldn't be using it. I'm not sure what I think... I believed it was a reclaimed term (like 'gay' is reclaimed). And honestly its such a common term among all ethnicities now. But I have been consciously working on saying 'locks' and leaving the 'dread' part out. Whats your thoughts?

Woah dude. Some people are just too politically correct for their own good.

Dreadlocks are the absolute NATURAL state of hair. They’ve existed since mammals realized that our body grows hair. They have roots everywhere in the world, for all different skin tones, nationalities, cultures, religions, or any other factor.They exist for practicality, for fashion, for cultural significance, as a religious practice, as a method of self-discovery, as a personal statement, as homage to one’s roots, as a connection to one’s god, as a connection to the earth, or any other myriad reasons. There is ABSOLUTELY no right or wrong reason for any human being to have dreadlocks, & no group of people anywhere in existence has, or has ever had, an exclusive right to wear their hair in it’s natural state. 

The fact that you have dreadlocks is not racist. Your hair style does not demean, degrade, or oppress another race, nor does it condone actions that do. Whether or not you, as a person, are perceived as a racist is up to you, your words, & your actions.

(And how the fuck is it racist if you inflict upon YOURSELF something they claim you’re being racist against?)

Hey if i want my dreads to be long enough to reach my cheeks upon starting them how long do you think my hair should be ? While taking the shrinkage effect into consideation of course. P. s. If it matters i have VERY curly hair

The curlier the hair = dreads + matures faster.

And just so we’re clear…which cheeks we talkin about? :p Either way, starting length should be at least 5-7 inches, I’d say.